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A Post About Moving Forward

Today's post, "What's Next?" can be found at http://magicalwords.net, the group site I share with fellow fantasy writers Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, and C.E. Murphy.  Please visit the site and enjoy the post.


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Mar. 16th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
What next? Of course, an easy (for me) answer (since I haven't read the 3rd Southlands book and have no idea if it would be possible to continue depending on how you ended it) would be to return to Lon Tobyn. It already has a built-in audience. So, from a publisher stand point, I'd think that would be a better bet than say moving into a new project/world/etc...

Now, that is quite a different question if you ask it creatively rather than economically. Just don't go down the 13-volume, epic fantasy, Jordan path eh?... :)

Curious, do you get antsy after every book is completed or is this a unique moment? :) You've written before about the anxiety of certain moments in a writer's life. Is this that much different and would you have it any other way? i.e. It does make life interesting... :-)
Mar. 17th, 2009 12:54 am (UTC)
Hmmmm. LonTobyn, eh? I'll have to give that some thought. Not sure I'm ready to go back there yet.

This is a somewhat unique moment. Usually when I finish a book I know which book I'm going to write next. More often than not I'm in the middle of a series that needs to be completed. And even when I finished the third Southlands book, I knew that I was going to move right into the New Shiny. But now I really don't know what I'll do next. Also, usually after a book I feel pretty burnt out, but I still have a fair amount of creative energy this time. I will take some time off, because I don't want to burn out in the middle of the next one, but I don't need too much time off.

The anxiety is all about the sale. I don't like writing without a net -- ie with no contract. As for whether I'd want it any other way: if you mean would I give up writing for a more secure job, the answer is no. If you mean would I like to be a bestselling author and know that I'll always have a publisher interested in my next book -- yeah, I probably would.
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