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Debate Silliness

It's been quite a couple of days on the political front, and I really don't know what I'm going to do with the BOW Award tomorrow.  It's just no fun for me giving it to McCain yet again, but I really don't know who else has earned it the way he has.  But that's for tomorrow's post.  Today I'm just still reeling from the past 72 hours worth of madness.  The uncertainty of it all -- the debate craziness, the "suspension" of McCain's campaign (in quotes because his surrogates were still out there talking, he still had ads on the air, and anyone who thinks that his trip back to D.C. wasn't part of his Presidential campaign is delusional), the negotiations over the bailout plan for Wall Street.  As I say, so much uncertainty.

That's why I'm so grateful to the McCain Campaign, for removing at least some of the uncertainty from tonight's procedings.  It seems that we needn't tune in to watch, because John McCain has already been declared the winner!  Yes, that's right.  Declared the winner by whom, you ask?  Well, by the McCain-Palin campaign of course.  http://voices.washingtonpost.com/thefix/2008/09/mccain_wins_debate.html?nav=rss_blog

Seems that the McCain folks sold an advertisement declaring McCain the winner to the Wall Street Journal web site and it ran Friday morning.  A campaign spokesman for the McCain campaign later explained that the Journal had run the ad earlier than it was supposed to.  The paper has since taken the ad down.

Note to McCain campaign staff:  Spin works best after the fact.  Offer it ahead of time and it looks a lot more . . . well, like spin.

UPDATE/EDIT:  Forgot to mention the most important part of this story.  This ad appeared at the WSJ site BEFORE McCain announced that he was going to participate in the event, supposedly before he had even made up his mind to go to Mississippi for the debate.  That whole "I'm not going to go unless we have a deal" stance was, apparently, a sham.


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Sep. 27th, 2008 12:02 am (UTC)
I live in Oxford (in fact, I attend Ole Miss as a grad student) and the past week has been madness. Entire chunks of campus have been shut down since Monday. In a city that barely outnumbers the student population, that means main thoroughfares through town haven't been accessible (with concrete barricades erected not just across the road, but across the turf on either side of the road, just in case we took the notion to go off-roading. We are Mississippians, after all). Buildings devoted to media haven't been available for classes, which have been shunted elsewhere. Students have had to arrive up to two hours early to attend class, because it takes that long to fight for a parking spot and the shuttle the university began running to ease congestion is almost equally slow. And that's not even taking into account the miles of chain-link fencing that have been erected around campus for security and crowd control.

As you can imagine, when McCain declared he wanted to cancel or postpone the debate, you could hear the screams of anguish up in Memphis. Yesterday the school paper ran a wonderful picture of a girl on the Square holding up a sign that read: "McCain * Bailin'." It was a beautiful thing, though I gather not unique to the Oxford area.

I'm a bit bemused by all the fuss, but for the sake of all the people who put so much effort into preparing for the debate, I'm glad it's going forward. And it's admittedly cool to see my town on the national news for something other than our (recently lousy) football team.

It's so good to hear that the winner has already been decided. Now I don't feel bad at all about staying home and avoiding all the hulabaloo on campus tonight!
Sep. 27th, 2008 03:48 am (UTC)
Great comment! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the debate. Having watched it and having seen flash poll results afterwards, it turns out the McCain-Palin campaign was wrong....
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