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Confessions of a Material Guy

I have a confession to make:  I like to spend money.  I like to buy myself cool new toys.  I'm not always good at spending -- I agonize over purchases and need some time to convince myself to buy a big ticket item.  I'll do a ton of research to make certain I'm getting the right brand or model or whatever, and I'll look around for weeks looking for the best combination of good price and trustworthy vendor.  And even when all that groundwork is done, I sometimes have trouble pulling the trigger.

Sometimes I wonder if it's more fun to want something than it is to get it.  You know what I mean by that?  Sometimes that research stage is fun, even as I obsess over the item in question.  Anticipating the purchase, exploring all the possibilities, searching for that perfect deal -- there's something really enjoyable about that part of the process.

But then there's also the fun in finally plunking down that wad of cash and getting the new toy.  

Yeah, I like to buy stuff. 

Not all stuff.  Some guys are into cars or sporting equipment or expensive clothes.  Cars don't really do much for me, and I don't usually need to look much beyond the L. L. Bean catalog for my next shirt.  And though I have been known to spend a bit of money on a bicycle or a new golf club (back when I played golf regularly), that's not the stuff that makes me salivate.

So what are we talking about then?  Well, I love to buy new music, and books, and I've been known to get excited about stereo equipment.  But none of those is my current focus.  As most of you know at this point, I'm a pretty avid photographer.  Over the last several months as I've sold some of my pictures, I've squirreled away a bit of cash.  Enough, at this point, that I'm looking at buying myself a new digital SLR.  Yup.  I've been looking online, and in magazines, and even in mall photography stores, though I'd never actually buy the thing at a mall store.  Too much money; not enough service.  At this point I know which camera I'm going to get and about how much I'll be spending.  It's just about time to pull that trigger.

What about you?  What do you like to buy?  What are your favorite types of toys?  Electronics?  Clothes?  Sports gear?  Jewelry?  C'mon and share!  I won't tell a soul.

Meanwhile, I'll be looking at a few more camera sites.  And then I think I need a new computer.....

Today's music:  Larry Carlton


Jun. 14th, 2008 12:33 am (UTC)
Music is another one that I could spend a ton of money on in a hurry. I'll usually start developing a wish list and then when it reaches some sort of saturation point, where I just need to get it all, I'll splurge. Those splurge days are FUN.


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