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Today's post can be found on Magical Words, and it's an early Thanksgiving post (since next week I'm off from MW) about some of the fantasy and SF books for which I am thankful.  I hope that you enjoy the post, and I hope that you'll join the discussion and share some of the titles for which you're thankful.


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Nov. 12th, 2012 08:50 pm (UTC)
Picking 5 books or even 5 authors is just like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. Every book is meaningful to me, good bad or unread as it were. I am an emotional Crab, and I have a whole bag of memories with each one.

I bonded reading with my Dad when he started to swipe my Library books... not for censorship (he just asked me why I read so much crap) but because Martin Caidin wrote SF. And that was one of HIS authors of nonfic flying boooks.

I read The Mote In God's Eye at night on the Moscow to Leningrad train in 1979, and I had borrowed it from my friend Nancy.

Discovering that Andre Norton was a GIRL!

My Grandma walking me to the Library so I could get my 5 books a day one summer. After that I could go on my own. Some days I would stay there and read one or two books so I could take unread ones home with me.

The Scholastic Book Club at school... I only wanted all of them in the flyer mind you...

My first book about Ancient Egypt from the Library.. which I finally got my own copy of, now my collection of books about AE is in the hundreds... all kinds and sorts..

Discovering book stores.. dude, that was serious crack.
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