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Money Bags endorses Richie Rich...

So let me get this straight.  He says he won't release his tax returns, and then says that he won't release them until April, and then, after admitting that he paid taxes on his $42 million/year income at a rate "in the 15% range," he releases them in January.  His effective tax rate was actually 13.9% or so.

He mentions that he makes some money from speaking fees, but assures us that it's not a lot.  It turns out to be just shy of $375,000, which -- I don't know about you -- but to me, that's a lot of money.  He admits to having accounts in the Cayman Islands, which, I guess, is what you do when you make $42 million a year and can shrug off $375,000 in speaker's fees as not a lot of money. 

Then two mornings ago, just after his victory in Florida, he makes a bonehead comment about not being worried about the "very poor," which I'm sure was intended innocently but which made him look really callous given that his economic plan is founded on the idea of dismantling the safety net for America's lower middle class, poor, and, yes, the very poor.

And he chooses today to accept an endorsement from Donald Trump?  Really?  An endorsement from the the one person in this country who best (or worst) embodies largess and excess and the arrogance of wealth.  In Trump's ridiculously opulent hotel in Las Vegas. 

How is it possible for a man who has come this far in American politics to be so utterly tin-eared when it comes to public relations?  I honestly don't get it.  But as a Democrat I feel like I should be sending him a thank you note.


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