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Weekend Ephemera

First things first:  There's a new contest up on my website and you should definitely check it out.  You don't need to be familiar with my books to enter -- all you need to do is read a story I recently posted there and tell me who should play the lead roles if it's ever made into a movie.  Easy, right?  And if I choose your response as the winner, you'll receive an autographed, hardcover edition of The Sorcerers' Plague, book I of Blood of the Southlands.  So visit the site and check it out!

Remember the owl who showed up at our place a few nights ago and sat on the swing set?   Well, he came back last night, and he brought his brother.  The two of them were sitting together on the play set, looking around, making their little rasping call, waiting for Mama to bring them something to eat.  They hung around the house all night, actually, calling to each other, and fluttering from perch to perch.  They're newly fledged and not very accomplished flyers.  One of them flew off the swing set last night without first deciding where he was going to land next.  He wheeled and turned and finally tried to grasp the trunk of a tree.  That didn't work for long and eventually he had no choice but to drop to the ground in a most undignified manner.  He was fine and a moment later he flew back into the woods.  But he and his brother were back a short time later, ready to try it all again.  They're very cool.

And now it's the weekend.  Nancy is taking my older daughter and some of her friends out camping tonight.  So my younger daughter and I are having what we call a Daddy-Daughter-Day.  Not sure yet what we're going to do.  A water park if these clouds clear and the temperature rises; otherwise a movie and sushi dinner (we're both nuts for sushi).  Should be fun.

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend.


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